Training suited to you and your dog.

Puppy Class

When undertaken early, training prevents unwanted behaviours from developing, and promotes co-operative behaviour. Between 8-16 weeks is the most important time in a dogs life as events at this time have a permanent impact. My puppy classes provide a happy and safe environment in which your puppy will have fun, learn and have great experiences with humans and other dogs, all of which are vital at this time. They will learn: Sit, Come when called, Stay, Lie Down, Walk on a loose lead, Leave things alone, relax, and much much more. We also cover common problem issues like: jumping, nipping and biting, barking, chewing, toilet training. Socialisation: The difference between 'good' and 'bad' socialisation. How to safely introduce your puppy to other dogs; Independence exercises to help them cope with being on their own. Your Puppy's body language and what he is trying to tell you; How your dog thinks and learns; Health; Feeding; Grooming. How to play with and increase your bond with your dog;


In-Home Consultations

An in-home behavioural consultation allows time to go over the issues you have been having, in the environment in which it occurs (whether at home or on walks around the neighbour hood/dog park etc.) It also allows me to see both the setup of the house, and cover the usual daily routines. It gives us the opportunity to begin training in a quiet, familiar environment for you and your dog where all members of the family can be present and understand what needs to be done. I provide follow-ups to see how training is progressing, and free lifetime phone support for you and your dog. I want to ensure that you and your dog succeed!


Training & Behaviour Modification

Is your dog a party animal? Are you sick of your dog barking, not coming when called, jumping up, pulling on lead, nipping and biting or ignoring commands? For these and more serious issues like on-lead aggression, fear, anxiety and separation related behaviours, inter-dog aggression and more, we can achieve amazing results through training! I offer private consultations as well as training and behaviour modification programs. I provide discounted training packages if you feel you need further sessions and free on-going phone support for the life of your dog.

I want to ensure you and your dog achieve success!


Common issues I can help with

  • Aggression towards other dogs on and off leash

  • Aggression toward people entering the home

  • Aggression toward family members

  • Aggression towards people outside the home

  • Guarding issues (food, toys, locations)

  • Intra-dog Aggression (aggression toward other dogs in the home)

  • Fear and anxiety issues

  • Separation problems

  • Toilet training

  • High excitability issues

  • Puppy training and socialisation sessions and problem prevention

  • Destructiveness and other problem behaviours

  • Rescue dogs with issues

  • Difficulty handling for restraint or grooming

  • Aggression toward the veterinarian